Ivy Park

I’m usually not the biggest fan of a sportswear, but Ivy Park is just a perfection. A perfect brand for feeling comfortable and sexy at the same time. Check it out in Top Shop! And don’t forget to follow me!!! 


Read of the Week

As the summer is getting closer it is women’s nature to start worrying about our bodies. And I am here to judge no one but myself. Few weeks ago I went through the most horrible 9 days of my life trying to survive what most would call an extreme diet with the purpose to loose 5kg in 9 days with no exercise.

This week I stumbled upon an article that illustrates us all, perfect body seekers, diet zombies and devoted beauty standards’ slaves.

A must to read if you are not afraid to have your eyes opened at least for a moment before you dive into a sea of beauty tips on Pinterest (a big fan myself).

Have a read here! Thank you lauramatju!

P.S. Visit me on Saturday to hear all about my 9 days diet!